In addressing the crisis of poverty, KZN Oils has provided funds to develop informal trading. It recently co-sponsored the successful eThekwini SMME Fair, and will continue to do so for the next five years. It’s also provided market stalls for informal traders at Briardene. Here at KZN Oils we have laboured long to nurture and grow small businesses. We have invested time and resources in ensuring that fledgling businesses really take root and assume their rightful places in our economy. All these projects are in line with our policy to support business development locally, nationally and internationally.

Children and more importantly their welfare, has always been one of our chief concerns. To this end we have helped hundreds of children through funding schools, church, and welfare and child support organizations. We believe that the future lies with our children and caring for them remains a priority.

We have provided funds to aid organizations as diverse as the Cancer Association and the Blind and Deaf Society. KZN Oils has also taken a keen interest in gender issues, particularly the rights of abused women. We have a working relationship with organizations that provide succour and counseling for abused women.

The development of a tangible corporate social investment policy must be one of the key principles of any company. Here at KZN Oils we play a visible role in pushing back the frontiers of poverty, unemployment, sickness and disease.

The AIDS pandemic continues to burgeon, civil wars rage on our continent, medicines and food are needed in many forgotten corners of Africa and production levels are on the downswing. Poverty and illiteracy continue to hamper development. These are issues that inform our own corporate investment strategy. We have worked with most major AIDS organizations to provide much-needed anti-retroviral drugs, support centres and general nursing care for people stricken by this disease.