In addition to reselling Caltex and Total brands, KZN Oils blends its own petroleum related products, this includes automotive, industrial, marine and speciality lubricants. We have thoroughly tested our house brand products to ensure they perform optimally, protecting against wear and preventing the accumulation of deposits. Manufacturing of these products is based on careful development, rigorous testing and quality control.

Engine Oil

DELO® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 (PDS | MSDS)

Delo® Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40 (PDS | MSDS)


Havoline® Formula SAE 20W-50 (PDS | MSDS)

Havoline® Motor Oil 40 (PDS | MSDS)

Havoline® Ultra S SAE 5W-40 (PDS | MSDS)

Caltex Super OB 3 TCW3 (PDS | MSDS)

Havoline Super 2T (PDS | MSDS)

Caltex Super Tractor 15W40 (PDS | MSDS)


Delo® Grease ESI (PDS | MSDS)

Delo® Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40 (PDS | MSDS)

Multifak EP (PDS | MSDS)

Gear Oil

Delo® Gear EP-5 SAE 80W-90 (PDS | MSDS)

Havoline® MTF SAE 75W-90 (PDS | MSDS)

Caltex Meropa Industrial Gear oil (PDS | MSDS)


Diff Oil

Delo® Gear EP5 85W-140 (PDS | MSDS)


Hydraulic Oil

Delo® TorqForce (PDS | MSDS)

Rando HD (PDS | MSDS)

Transmission Oil

Delo® TorqForce 30/50 (PDS | MSDS)

Havoline® Multi-Vehicle ATF (PDS | MSDS)

Caltex 1000 THF (20LPPLEN) (PDS | MSDS)



Delo XLC 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant (PDS | MSDS)

Havoline® Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant Premix 33/67 (PDS | MSDS)


Brake Fluid

Havoline® Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4 (PDS | MSDS)