How to build a Service Station

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If you have a location in mind that is a vacant land or a corner of a busy intersection, the first step is to find out the exact zoning for that land and see if it has appropriate zoning for you to build such a facility. But remember sometimes a business zoning (B1 to B2 or vice versa) can be changed by applying for such change with the country zoning authority.

But more importantly, you need to find out the traffic count of the road in front of you, this will determine if this would be a viable business for you or not, not to mention you also need to check and see how many immediate competitors you will have around you.

There is a lot goes into the site section process for any business especially for a fuel station.
But no need to stress, our KZN Oils team has many years of experience with all these technicalities and will be glad to provide their service!


This phase lays down the foundation block for the entire project, most of the major decisions are made in this phase. Typical tasks to be performed in this phase include:

Concept direction board (concept pictures with details of building & interiors);
Forecourt and canopy area concept;
Restrooms concept;
Shop / kiosk internal concept ;
Restaurant (if need be) concept;
Finishes sample board and specification for Quantity Surveyor to quantify;
Space planning using the company organogram to define areas & departments;
Furniture (interior) and pumping bay layout in accordance with the defined space planning;


Civil & Earthworks
Preliminary work consists of site establishment and site clearance;
Clear and grub of site, excavate and compact where necessary;
Backfill to be procured and filled where needed;
Extension to existing building to be erected;
Parking and dispensing areas will be prepared and constructed (brick paving for parking and concrete slabs for dispensing area);
Construction of new pylon sign (including all signage);
Canopy remedial work; and Landscaping.
All necessary excavation and compaction of new entrances and exits to retail site;
All applicable backfilling where needed; and
Brick surfacing, shoulder slopes and curbing (details to be confirmed).


Electrical Works
All new cabling and DB board;
Building lighting and power connections;
Lightning and earthing protection;
Perimeter lighting; and
All lighting within building and dispensing area.

Mechanical Works
Supply and Installation of all new piping (filler lines, vent lines, delivery lines);
Supply and Installation of 3 new, 3 product 6 hose dispensers;
Supply and Installation of STP’s;
Supply and Installation of all applicable valves and fittings; and
Supply and Installation of Automatic Tank Gauging.


Forecourt & Kiosk Building
External Shop & Forecourt Signage;
Kiosk Graphics;
Internal Shop Signage;
Ground Water Monitoring Wells;
Internal Equipment and Furniture;
Shop IT Systems & POS;
HVAC and Refrigeration;
Shopfitting & shop equipment;
BRG glasses & doors; and
Site Generator;
Fire Protection System.


Indicative timelines are provided below for the components of a filling station. A detailed project schedule are provided to clients upon project commencement.












FreshStop, the fastest-growing convenience retail brand in South Africa, brings 24-hour shopping convenience to Caltex Forecourts.

FreshStop is your pitstop for fresh fruits and veggies, gourmet coffee to perk you up, healthy smoothies and on the go snacks that’ll brighten up your journey. You can also grab a tasty chicken burger for lunch or your daily essentials on your way home. The possibilities are endless when you choose to shop with FreshStop at Caltex.

We’re here to make South African motorists’ lives so much easier, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


FreshStop offers our customers an exciting variety of take-away options, including Crispy Chicken, Hooked On Fish & Chips, Grill To Go, Hotdog Saloon, Biltong Bar. We have also partnered with internationally-renowned coffee brand Seattle Coffee Company and House of Coffees, so motorists can enjoy gourmet coffee on the go.


A complete software for petrol stations intended for:
provision of control over fuel dispensers, ATG systems, price boards, car washes, others
Automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products
Provision of sales of retails products using various payment forms
Automated reporting over petrol station operation history during a selected period of time
Provision and account of personnel operation of petrol station
Provision of discount bonus loyalty card system for customers
Automated identification of vehicles

Our fuel cards system

Our fuel cards system for petrol stations – hardware and software complex for management and accounting of fuel sales at a single petrol station or a petrol station network using RFID fuel cards with fuel volume, money and discount wallet combinations. The system allows to replace usage of cash and coupons to more reliable and convenient solution using fuel and money cards. The card system can be used by customer for petrol refilling at a petrol station and/or obtaining a discount. The system allows to issue fuel and discount cards for customers and also the cards management and accounting of all sales using fuel cards, to manage customer accounts, and to set flexible discount system.

Rich set of operations with cards: personalization, issuing, return, refilling, blocking, unblocking, restoring, removal
Flexible development of discount policies
Operation in semi-online mode, which allows fuel cards system operation even with interruptions in Internet connection
Tracking sales on cards with maximal level of detalization
Sales on cards of all range of products in a petrol station
Possibility to block cards of debtors
Recording history of all card actions
A kit of reports for accounting and analysis
Flexible mechanism of creation of discount policies with a large selection of schemes and parameters
Usage of the same card for cashless payment, as well as a discount card
Mechanism of remote adjustment of parameters of discount policies
Support of several types of wallets on cards: money and discount

POS Mobile Units

No more waiting for transactions to be made at the till.

Customers can make fuel purchases from the comfort of their vehicle.

No more paying by cash or leaving the vehicle to pay.

It helps to prevent fraud, as the customer’s card is always in sight.


    The cleaning with the power of Techron

    Not all fuels are the same. When you use ordinary fuel, deposits form in vital parts of your engine. Techron’s formulation is special because it contains polyetheramines, which have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent accumulation of grimy deposits.

    This cleaning additive that’s trusted by motorists, mechanics, and manufacturers around the world is in all grades of Caltex fuels.

    But Techron® wasn’t discovered overnight – it’s an innovative formulation that’s the result of decades of rigorous research and development.

    At the Richmond Technology Center, our team of chemists and engineers test and retest Techron’s effectiveness in all kinds of engine and vehicle conditions—to bring you results that are far from standard.

    UCOUNT Loyalty Program

    Collect up to R5 per litre back in rewards points!

    You will collect rewards points for every litre of fuel you purchase at Caltex. You will collect more rewards points by using your Credit Card.

    Learn more


    Star Card

    Keeping you in the know of your fleet’s expenditures, and providing control and convenience in managing your business, Caltex StarCard allows for a variety of management and usage options Star Card has proved to be the smarter choice for any business owner.


        Caltex Service Attendants are at the forefront of any service station. They are the face of our customer service and the spirirt that keeps our customers coming back. This is why they are held in high regard! Our packages include intensive training for your CSA’s and on going training thereafter for every quarter of the year.


    Service Station Business Consultant

    You will have the regular support of our dedicated Business Consultants to help guide and counsel you before and after you open for business.

    Our Business Consultants each support a group of individual retailer sites, and are familiar with the market and local conditions. Their primary role is to support you as you grow your fuel business.

    They will help you to set up business plans, assess performance against plan, and adjust sales and marketing tactics to ensure that your business remains on track. They are a great source of competitive information, which you can use to plot your path.

    They will assist and advise you to ensure that our service, operational and image upkeep expectations are being met – so that the customer site experience is as good as it can be.


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